Graduation Ceremony

Nov. 2007 Students relocation to home areas in Sudan; “KISOM is going SECOND PHASE”


The move is on after seven years of preperation; over 800 students fron Kakuma Camp through KISOM ‘Kakuma Interdenominational School of Missions’ are field ready.


OPERATIONS LifestreamsSudan

  • FIRST PHASE – From 2002 through 2006 Lifestreams Field Operations developed and educated six hundred forty six Refugee national Sudanese in a multi-level, four year curriculum directed to equip for effective field missions operations for the open door back into the indigenous tribal lands of Southern Sudan.

  • The peace agreement between the Sudanese people’s liberation government of the indigenous tribal lands of Southern Sudan, and the Islamic government of Khartoum as the Northern government signed a peace accord in 2005, prescribes a six year conditional transition. “Peaceful coexistence of religion” allows the free propagation of religion both Islam and Christianity. The Islamic Social-Architecture mandated education since 1954 to be in Classic Arabic and interrupted the process of translation and developing alphabetic system for 34 for the indigenous tribal languages out of the 97 living languages of the South. The interim government of the South, under control of the “Greater Sudan Government” of Khartoum, has mandated their National Language to be English.

  • By the end of 2007 Lifestreams Intl. has effectively trained a labor pool of an excess of 800 field ready workers, with a social-economic re-development package, Christian Based. They are field ready as teams that have their target region, evangelism materials, specific Dialects with Classic Arabic and English literacy skills. They are field ready for phase #2 which is “pre-literacy education” in dialect.

  • Phase #2 for implementation requires –‘Fixed Band Limited range Solar Powered Communication Systems’ / Supplier is Galcom Intl. of Canada.

  • Target requirements Phase #2; the establishing of FBO [Fixed Based Operations] as electronic training centers in 42 regional locations across Southern Sudan. Manned by teams of 5 to 7 KISOM graduate students that will operate the Digital transmitter, supply solar powered receivers to selected student trainers, and do field supervision work ( to include regional mapping).

  • Phase #3; effectual ‘Saturation Church Planting’, to be done by Phase#2 TOT [trainer of teachers, direct word of mouth evangelism and cell church planting] , for indigenous propagation of the gospel, and Tribal interfacing; bridging tribal conflict areas assisted from the Christian Church sector, assisting Animistic and separatist tribes to become involve in privet sector economic trade and agro-business development. A self-help English phonics program (Audio program) is to be introduced in Phase #3 as a Pre-literacy education program.


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