Equipping The Return

Advanced Studies Class for strategic Missions Sudan Equipping the Return

Kakuma Interdenominational School of Missions GRADUATION Dec. 2007 –
From Kakuma Refugee Camp – “Somber and determined for a New Sudan”
The eminent return into Southern Sudan to develop teams of Evangelism in regional Dialects, Advanced Study and Three Year Diploma Level Student who have studied and made difficult preparation for their individual return to their home regions that came under Islamic genocide , most of them refugee children. Now mainly ages from 20 to 35 are involved in developing missions network for “Pre-literacy education” and evangelism in the complex linguistic diversity of Southern Sudan. This labor pool for evangelism and equipping, speaks fluent English, Classic Arabic, and much of the written and unwritten dialects of their country. They represent the indigenous people groups who have been under siege from the Islamic North as many broken agreement from the advance of Islamic social-architecture, and domination for the Christian and Animistic tribal lands of Southern Sudan.
To date at the end of 2007 Lifestreams has facilitated the preparation of over 800 graduates of specialized Missions Curriculum for hi-tech communications and “pre-Literacy” education. The Translation Loop of traditional missions is a thirty year cycle that has been prevented for fifty years by Islamic oppression from the genocide that the Khartoum government of Northern Sudan has relentlessly labeled as simply a Civil War. The CPA, Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 has a time stipulation of six years, of which two have elapsed. We must network with the Sudanese Refugee Communities that are the ‘First Wave’ to return with the hope that now the rest of the world is watching and will become involved.
Our approach of “hi-tech for tribal people groups”, is the use of Solar Powered limited range radio transition to fixed band receivers, literally making electronic schools to educate without paper, pencils, school books, or buildings. This system of advance can catalyze a true indigenous movements of “win one disciple one” of spirit filled high comprehension Christianity before literacy. Designed to develop from the inside out of indigenous people’s populations, to under gird other development when it can take place. These graduates have received training of social-economic development from a Christian base and will become the first contact as a bridge from tribal devastation to the potential development. Southern Sudan has adopted English as their national Language when Autonomy can be achieved. This “Labor Pool” from Kakuma refugee Camp is the reconstructive answer to an epic struggle.
The western Church World has waited and could horribly neglect the potential to play their role of networking with a part of Indigenous peoples Christianity that has been literally under Islamic Crusade.
There have been two fragile peace agreements both with the same design from the Arabic League to eventually control the hug oil reserves under the tribal south’s lands, and be able to continue their expansionism into East Africa after fifty years of exploitation of the resistive indigenous peoples of Southern Sudan. The time sensitive opportunity to quickly assist the people groups of the South to unify and assist their complex and devastated social groups for inter- tribal unification and development from a Christian base is now.

HOW TO NETWORK WITH A POTENTIAL after fifty years of systematic devastation, that the Southern Sudanese people themselves speak of as the right for self determination.


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