Urgent Need: Build Classrooms at Lodwar Missionary Compound

What We are Seeking:

We are seeking $70,000 to complete four classrooms in a missionary compound that is already established and owned by an indigenous missions organization associated with Lifestreams International. Since 2014, teams of evangelists and church planters have reached into nine tribes in Northern Kenya, southern Sudan, western Ethiopia, and along the Somali border and thousands new converts have become Christians and been baptized. These tribes have been under the influence of Islam and animism. The church planters are developing leaders / pastors for the new churches. They receive initial training and desperately need ongoing strategic development.

The four classrooms in the Lodwar compound in northern Kenya need to be built immediately to provide a ongoing place of training place for the new pastors. There are an estimated 300 – 400 new pastors from nine tribes in need. Once the classrooms are done, the pastors will travel once per quarter to Lodwar to receive training and then will go back to their villages to work in their target areas.

Our Request

We want to complete building by December to meet the goal of 2019. To begin that goal, we need $11,500 by March 31, 2019. Robert Mincks will be going into initiate April 2019. We need the remaining $59,500 by October 31, 2019. We request a minimum donation of $100.

Why is this Critical

The areas being reached by our indigenous missionaries have in many cases never heard the Gospel. There is an urgent contesting for these peoples. Islamic evangelists are going into these areas with offers to educate children free of charge. They then influence these young people toward a militant form of Islam in resistance to education in English and the spread of Spirit filled Christianity. In other areas, such as on the Somali border, thousands are fleeing and seeking entrance into Kenya. They are at risk in the conflict, extreme privation, and are highly open. LSI is on the very cutting edge of an indigenous spreading the Gospel to these precious tribes destined to be before the throne. You can be involved in giving them the opportunity, and missions network needed. We have the laborers from among the people who know the dialects and are reaching the peoples powerfully. They simply need some assistance to do the work and encourage and equip the new pastors who in turn can nurture the new flocks throughout the area. The greatest regional harvest is tribalistic Islam that has been kept in darkness. It cannot best be reached from the outside, but rather by indigenous believers. The called laborers are now doing the work, desperately needing the tools. They need strategic support in this opportune timing to continue and accomplish the work left behind by Colonial Christianity.

Why Now – We Must Complete this Project in 2019

With foresight we did an appeal in 2014, without success. The progress has been impeded. We are appealing because our brethren in the field are sacrificing their very lives to do this work. The work cannot be stalled any longer. We must complete this compound for their sustainability. The woman in the picture here were caned because she decided to follow Jesus, but her response was to persist in her gratitude and commitment for conversion. We are committed to do nothing less to under gird our brothers and sisters coming out of abject futility, willing to do their own labor for the cause of Christ. We must complete this project in 2019.

How You Can Give

Lifestreams International is a nonprofit 501(c)3 Christian organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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