Our Mission

Our Kingdom Mandate: Focusing on the 10/40 Window

The 10/40 window is forty percent of the world’s population on ten percent of the world’s land mass. Much of the unreached tribes in these dense population areas have been marginalized and kept from Christian evangelism by Islamic conflict with Animistic cultures. Our mandate is to fuel a Christian Spirit-filled movement causing a Cross Tribal Movement among these people groups overcoming literate boundaries, spreading by interfacing regional dialects.

Immediate Priorities:

An estimated 70% of the Islamic people group are reported to be tribal, animistic, and uneducated. These groups historically were converted by the “Sword of Islam,” and today mix the 5 pillars of Islam with their own animism. They are groups who have been resistant to Christianity because of Muslim oppression, and tend to be marginalized by the governance of the northern, and East Africa. These tribal groups in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and the desert land of Northern Kenya are now experiencing dramatic openness to Christian influence. In 2006 LSI ‘s trainees from the Refugee Camp  begun to systematically gain influence with their own tribal groups across the newly established 10 states in the newly established GOSS (Government of South Sudan) and on into the opposing border lands.

In the last three years in the tribal areas influenced, ever increasing numbers are being converted to Christ. It has been creating a tremendous need for bush pastors and teachers, and rapid field training in diverse dialects has to be our mandate and priority. Our priorities are providing field intensive training for the national ministers and workers, training for development of  isolated tribal groups, together  Church planting in un-reached areas.

Our Missions


Tribal Evangelism
Educating and equipping native evangelists to return to their tribes and spread the word of God. Under-girding individual evangelistic work and crusades among marginalized groups.
Training and Equipping
Continuing to train and release native pastors, teachers, and leaders who are reaching out along the frontiers border areas, with Leadership Networking. Also equipping indigenous missionaries already working in South Sudan.
Saturation Church Planting
Planting among Indigenous tribal groups throughout the areas being evangelized where most have not heard the Gospel for the first time. Discipleship programs and foundational teaching for Mobile Schools of evangelism in local dialects. Development of youth leaders, and primary English literacy program.



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