South Sudan Christian Missions

“Networking people of South Sudan”

Life Streams International is involved in networking with a large number of Sudanese nationals trained in the Kakuma Interdenominational School of Missions as Refugee population in their returned into the New Republic of South Sudan. Individuals whom we trained for strategic missions to the unreached tribal areas of 10 their regions.  . We are a non-denominational Christian Mission serving  along side of the National council of Churches assisting South Sudanese people as they recover from decades of  war that earned them “The Right for Self Determination” founded on Christian Ideals as a break away from the Islamist control of North Sudan.  Our principle mission is . Life Streams International’s History is deep seeded in the history of South Sudan becoming their own country. It all began with the Lost Boys of Sudan and their education in Christianity and desire to share their faith with people.


Our Missions

Tribal Evangelism
Educating and equipping native evangelists to return to their tribes and spread the word of God.


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