Tribal Evangelism

The first phase of our mission has been an ongoing success. We have Trained many South Sudanese who have gone on to play active roles in their communities, Churches and mission field. Our impact started, from KISOM (Kakuma Interdenominational School of Missions) in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, and and gone on to tribal locations where our teachers train evangelists and ready them to return to their people to share the word of God.

Lifestreams Evangelist with MegaVoiceWe aequip our evangelists and teachers with education, books, and a Solar Powered MegaVoice Audio Bibles rather then guns and send them off to build a strong nation. Through God all things are possible. This message brings hope and love to the people of South Sudan with our emissaries of peace and helps them strive to make a difference. Through small group teaching of Christianity we are able to create more impact in the lives of those we save and in many cases discover a new evangelist to equip and send out to do God’s work.

financial under-girding for The Mega Voice is in great need , equipping workers

This approach to spreading the word of God has proven very effective. Since the person is a member of that tribe, the trust and openness they receive far surpasses anything typically seen by a westerner attempting to do the same themselves. With the word of God being spread using the native dialect we are able to spread Christianity at a much higher rate then the 4 to 6 years typically required to teach reading and writing and then introduce them to transliteration of the word.

Our mission has expanded to phase II which involves Radio broadcasting of sermons and foundational teaching to help expand the knowledge of Christ and reinforce the word of God. To learn more about this phase of the mission visit South Sudan Christian Education Network (SSCEN).