Training Center Building Project

Background on Project

From 2002 to 2012 Lifestreams International conducted a 4 year School of Missions in the UN Refugee Camp located in the Kakuma desert of Kenya a days journey from the Ethiopian and South Sudanese borders. In that context we primarily worked with refugee communities. Things have drastically changed over the past 7 years. Because of the influence of our graduates now in the mission field we are advancing across borders reaching tribal peoples who have been historically resistant to Christianity due to their animistic customs, some influenced with Islam and radical Muslim expansionism. This catalytic missionary advance has created an acute need for pastors and teachers to lead the exponential number of new converts in these areas and rapid expansion.

Missions Compound and Training Center

During the past five years advancement has been made for a training facility in the Kakuma desert (on the borders of Kenya, Ethiopia, and The Republic of South Sudan ) close enough for bush pastors and workers to migrate back and forth for intensive training and development of un-reached areas. There has been such numbers of converts over the past few years with the first mention gospel where no churches or social development is, it has truly catalyzed an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that can be self sustaining if we meet the training of real leadership.

What is making it all possible is a land grant for a Training Center and allotment for Agro- development and training in the desert of northwestern Kenya. Two acres was allocated in 2012 to our indigenous partners for the training center. Some construction and development has taken place already including: an office building a warehouse for food distribution, a building for meeting and church use (which can hold about 100 people). The existing buildings are being used to conduct  ministerial training as well as aid for surrounding tribal people as well as helps for orphaned children in that area.

A 50 acre plot for farming was also granted. The farm is to have 5 wells.  One well is  already done. The farm is important to our long term plan in that it will help us feed the people coming for training, and sustain ministerial families and supply local needs.  The farm will make it possible to host students who are coming for ten day intensives in Bible training and logistics.

The pressing need for completion of School Buildings

This project begun in 2012 while America was still struggling in recession, our financial bases like so many other independent missions groups was directly effected. The need was so great that by faith we had continued to press ahead as God was pouring out an increasing dimension of favor in the field. The national ministers and evangelists have been making great personal sacrifices to press in to the open doors of opportunity. They are often lacking real subsistence, school fee for children, and many practical needs. The the number of worker are only increasing, and the need for the actual classrooms acquit to host and continue training them has become crucial to sustain momentum. The pressing need is to fulfill the intent with that government for which the land was dedicated.


Cost of Building School and completing the training Compound

A fenced in compound is essential, because where there is hunger and strife it is impossible to function without protection, and containment. The finances for the materials for four stand alone school rooms, furnishings, and compound fencing have not been generated for several year of attempt. As the mission work has increased at such a rate that we are just maintaining field work.

Permanent structures in this difficult desert area are built with hand poured concrete blocks. Local sand and aggregate rock are processed by hand. Portland cement in bags  will be shipped into the desert via the Pan African Highway. This is an expensive part of the process. Hard wood for the roof structure is used because of termites.  Finishing and equipping class rooms is also a heroic task in the desert. The conditions are extremely difficult and all of the work is done by hand. One blessing is the availability of cheap and in kind labor.

There is an urgent need to build the school and the compound. Please consider being a partner in this vital project. We are now having to begin by April or fail. For more information contact Robert Mincks – 509-270-7690 USA., Kenya +254-724-299-096

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